To the surprise of no one it began in Five Fingers…

A damp overcast night in Five Fingers, nothing that would draw anyone’s attention. In one of the many taverns that dot dock district of Doleth Isle sits a man alone but for a drink at the bar surrounded by dock workers, sailors, pirates and privateers. No one takes notice of a stout old man in the worn brown great coat, his grey woolen clothes display no insignia or affiliation. A woman slips through the crowd of patrons, not dressed for the weather dressed for a night of negotiable morals. She pauses every so often to eye a man, calculating his worth and moving on. She breaks her pattern when she reaches the bar, leaning over the old man an arm on one of his shoulders a few words whispered in his ear. He grins, his eyes remaining on the bar for a few more seconds, they both chuckle at some shared joke, he finishes his drink and they leave with her arm around his. To the tavern crowd just another whore finding a mark, to history a set of events that would steer the entirety of the Iron Kingdoms; those two figures would weave four strangers’ lives together.

Peat, Cork, and Coin

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