Peat, Cork, and Coin

The First Assignment

Report 1


I caught the steamboat with your crew the following morning after we met, from what I could see they had been forward thinking enough to become familiar with one another before setting off. The Khadoran made his own way for a few hours and I chose to follow the other three and see what they intended to do with the hours before departure. Apparently the Rynnish man had something of a reconnaissance plan and approached an outfitter, for what I would assume to be information regarding the wilds between Pt Bourne and Bainsmarket. After this all the member’s of the crew met up and boarded the steamboat. On our second day on the water we were attacked by river bandits, while they had attempted a surprise attack the Trollkin caught them and raised the alarm. The entire crew were quick to make themselves useful and they cut down the bandits, without them I believe the ship would have lost significantly more crew and passengers. I must say the tenacity of trollkin cannot be underestimated I can see why you chose this one. The woman managed to hold her own despite her slight appearance, I can see what you warned me about with her though. The Khadoran is a crack shot, the motherland must miss such a talented son. I examined the bandits after they were put down, all were filthy poorly equipped men this attack was clearly desperation. Even with the cease-fire things at the borders are rough and with so few supplies reaching this end of either nation the winter must have lead to these men throwing their lives away like this.

- Caelynn
Finding the Right People
A thamarite?!

The old man and the whore walk the streets of Doleth Ilse making their way to an ally several blocks down the cobbled streets. In the ally an old wagon awaits them, the wood warping with age and constant moisture. A young gobber waits at the driver’s seat a hand on a crossbow stashed at his feet until the misty night reveals the passangers he is expecting. The old man and the whore pull themselves into the back of the wagon, no words are exchanged just the snap of the reigns as the gobber drives the shaggy old mule at the front of the cart.

Some time later deeper into the night the three hop off the wagon at a former in on Hospice Isle. The gobber leads the mule to the dilapidated stables as the humans approach the front door. The woman reaches up and knocks very precisely an Ogrun opens the door and lets the pair in.

The old man and the whore enter a room that used to be quarters for favoured guests, what used to be a dining room attached to a bedroom is mission central. The fireplace across from the table has already been lit, chasing the chill of the night away. The four person old oak dining table is bare but for four files, the old man sits himself at one of the chairs at the table, the dry old wood creaks. The woman stands by the fire watching as the old man opens the files.
“I picked out these ones from the stack you were sorting through this week. They have a good variety of skills and I’m sure could find our offer appealing.” She crouches closer to the fire. “I think with enough time they could mesh into a very effective unit.” She watches as the man stops over one file.
“A thamarite?! Really, Talia?” He rubs his jaw as he scrutinizes the file.
“Yes their self interest and independent goals are troubling, all witch craft aside. I do believe she can be motivated by some protection and our over arching goal. Give her a chance worst case we can kill any who don’t fit.” she says as she rubs the cold from her arms.
“I would prefer to get the right people in the first place, but you’ve yet to bring me anyone we couldn’t handle” he flips to the next file. “A local boy, eh? I’ve seen him work, he has potential. Won’t he stand out like a sore thumb?”
Talia stands and flips to the following file. “I think this gentleman can help any of them blend.” She smirks awaiting a reaction.
“So he fancies himself an actor.” A small smile creeps onto his lips. “I almost wish I could tag along and see how he tries to pull it off.”
“Don’t forget this one, he was tough to track down, I even managed to get some of his original Khadoran military records.” She opens up the final file and points to pilfered papers. “I think we have our time Andro.”
He quirks his brow as he reads through the papers. “That man is a hell of a shot, interesting theories they have over his desertion. This team should do, go round them up.”
“Your Lordship.” Talia answers as she bows to him. She leaves Andro to the files and the next portion of their grand designs.


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