Andro Mazini

The leader of the Assassin's Ring, a grim man of absolute loyalty to his lord.


A man in his 60s with a heavy build, grim features, steel grey and a beard to match. His nose is crooked and thick from many breaks in your, a small scar permanently splits his left eyebrow, and his knuckles are scarred and sunken from dozens of brawls. Despite age and old injuries he moves with strength and purpose, though he won’t speak of his past he moves as a man who has seen military or navel experience. He is obviously Tordoran but can speak and carry himself as a man who has had many dealings with the uppercrust Thurians of Ord.

This is the man who has organized the ring of assassins, he is working for “His Lord” but will not divulge his name to you. He does have the power and coin behind him to fund this venture and keep some of your past crimes swept under the rug. He has a headquarters in Five Fingers on Hospice Isle where he meets with his network.

Andro Mazini

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